The new era of packaging began!

The attractive packaging in a dream.

Sooner or later the time comes to be!

Have you ever considered the triangle?

About us

Our history

The packaging is increasingly a real marketing tool and can be the driving force of a product.

For that HELPACK, born in 2000, in order to guarantee the quality required in the current market, has combined the different experiences of the founders, packaging flexo, packaging and packaging litho. Since 2006 it’s situated in Illasi, in the province of Verona and in February 2013 we moved in a new location nearby, allowing more space for storage and finishing service.

What & how

Our experience and flexibility allowed us to respond effectively both to small businesses and large orders. The same purpose is still to create, design, produce solutions for display and self-containing for products, experimenting with shapes and new materials. Floor displays, counter displays, cases, boxes, trunks, wooden crates ... all conceived with constant and unremitting attention to innovation and experiment.

Recently, we filed a patent for the closure system BOTTON BOX, a simple and innovative closing device for boxes working with one or more particular buttons.

With the division "TUBI OR NOT TO BE?" We produce cylinders, tubes, round boxes, coated with different materials, sophisticated papers, fabrics and wood.

“A non-attractive box or of bad quality

will not reflect your dream,

if anything will spoil it!